rock concert photography

i really love to capture the feelings and the action on stage on live concerts of the bands i love. i did this in the past with a fuji s3 pro and some other digi cams. back then i stored all my pics on a ‘reliable’ hard drive – that unfortunately someday met it’s maker. and i had no backup!! (oh well, i learned my lesson!!) i released some of the photographies on flickr (> here) but most of the stuff simply was gone… i was so f**ing frustated…

now, after some years i decided to look up all the places where i once uploaded photographies and found some on > flickr, some on > the photocommunity and some in flash-galleries on my old website. i post them here now in the resolution i released them years ago.

guys on the photos:
Conrad Keely | And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
Jonsi | Sigur Ros
Stuart Braithwaite | Mogwai
Lou Barlow | Dinosaur Jr.
Ryan & Joe | Mock Orange
Guido Lucas | Scumbucket
and more (klez.e, earthbend, spiro, david judson clemmons & the fullbliss, leatherface, ascona, monochrome, johanna zeul.)