Hi, i’m Chris Corrado,

interdisciplinary graphic-designer, artist, musician.

This website is the place where i present my personal projects. These are in particular my photographic work, digital collages & artworks, gifs and my music projects.

About my photographic work:

i mainly shoot with old cameras and toy-cams. i love unperfect cameras, plastic lenses and filmgrain. Analog photography the way i do it helps me to express the way i “feel” locations and situations. the perfect in the unperfect, that’s what i’m after…

All photographies on this website are shot on 35mm or medium-format film and are direct scans of the negatives. so what you see are the actual photographs. no photoshop at all!

a selection of some of the cameras i use:
Lomo LC-A, Cosina CX-2, Holga 120, Brownie Hawkeye (with flipped lens), Pouva Start, Canon AV-1, Lomo LC-Wide, Lubitel 166, Nimslo 3d, and further some fine Polaroid cams such as the sx-70 or the Land Camera 350.

About gifs:

In parts of my youth in the 90ies i grew up in the so called underground computer scene. in which creative kids made creative stuff called demos & intros which were in essence real-time computed films (on C64, Amiga 500 or Atari ST, later then on 486 PCs…). i grew up with pixel-depth- & filesize restrictions, the computers back then had 64, 128 or awesome 512kb RAM, 16 to 64 colors, so it was an art to squeeze out 3d animations with pixel-art and a funky soundtrack out of these guys… Later in my life i worked in the online ads world with all the same restrictions (think 40kb flash-ads…). Nowadays from time to time i still like to work with exactly these restrictions. that’s why i love to make gifs…

About music:

In the early 90ies i made music under the name ripguy. tracked with programs called noisetracker and later with fasttracker, mostly for Amiga and Atari ST demos, intros and diskmags. I also played guitar & bass and sung in several indie bands in the past (well, i actually still do…).

Today i write and release music under the name The Atlas Amp (an ambient/post-rock/indie solo-project) and with my friend Andreas Usenbenz i produce experimental ambient music under the name lovver.

in short, my heart beats for this:

organic structures, timeless design, print-ads and design of the 60s and 70s, modernisme, really good espresso, the ocean, Motorpsycho, indie-rock, fender guitars & vox amps, making (and listening to) loud music, ambient, tape-machines, endless reverb, plastic-cameras, film-grain, tape-hiss, wow’n’flutter, the perfect in the unperfect…


graphic design

Life is short. Live inspired.