A geometric retro futuristic display font by antitype.
Inspired by the aesthetics of 70s Sci-Fi movie posters and old record covers.

the Taranto font family consists of 4 individual fonts (Thin, Regular, Black and Fill). Each font contains a glyph set of about 240 glyphs (Western European character set) and also contains alternates for some characters.

complete font package (all 4 styles): 42,99€
individual styles: 13,99€

if you buy the package directly here on my website you get the the whole family package at a discounted price of 21,50€.

Pimp up your next retro / sci-fi / indie design project with Taranto!

Buy the whole package here directly through paypal.
At a 50% discounted price of 21,50€:

or: you can buy individual styles for 13,99€ each directly via MyFonts.com

Taranto thin
Taranto regular
Taranto black
Taranto fill

ANTITYPE is a brand by Chris Corrado.